Hello, many thanks for landing on my blog.  If you’re interested in the World of Search and Find, along with some of its surrounding themes, I hope this will be a site of interest to you.

I’ve been a solo information professional for most of my working life, and no longer manage a hard copy library, being a service almost completely resourced by online sources.  I’ve provided business information services to high-tech companies and start-ups for over 20 years.

I’ve a strong interest in promoting “information literacy” which is a jargon term for teaching others – and yourself – how to be a smart and competent searcher plus with the skills to evaluate the sources you use and the information you find.  I have sat on CILIP’s Information Literacy committee as commercial representative, contributed the solo librarian’s chapter to The Information Literacy Cookbook (Chandos, 2007) and write articles and reviews for Jinfo (formerly Freepint) now and then.

I set up this blog to record somewhere some of the developments that catch my eye.  Some of these developments may be disruptive to the world of information.  I like to find out about the psychology of searching, the “Google-effect” and new websites such as specialist search engines and entertainingly informative sites.

Last but not least, and the best reason for setting up a blog will be reading what is posted in response to what I’ve posted.  Its value will be created through the variety of thoughts and opinions.  Positively disruptive!

(September 2008 and occasionally updated)

4 Responses to About

  1. James Ruiz says:

    …over a year plus ago, I discovered this site of yours and as daft as one can be, I left it alone all the while banging my head in complete and utter frustration looking for information on the web…needless to say, I am back having realized my lapse of good sense and my search for wonderful humor in print…your approach is not only refreshing, sarah, but it is the sort of ethereal rush that I personally could use in my life and business…so, I once again choose to make an honest effort to utilize the gift of pen over sword and immerse myself in the wonders of virtual librarian methodologies and such…so, lovely day to you, as usual, the cd was brilliant, and I hope to hear back with tales of wicked finds straight away…thank you so very much, sarah!!! ciao…

  2. Jimy Ruiz says:

    Hello sarah…i’m rather impressed with your seemingly endless energy level in creating sense and sensiblility where there is none…I completely enjoy your “positively disruptive” approach to the world of research engines and such and simply loved the dialogue that you’ve created with those who find it very overwhelming. Now that I’ve discovered it, I will most certainly refer others to it, as well; simply brilliant, sarah!!!

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