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Reading on-screen content: are you still with me or have you given up reading this?

Back in 2008 The Atlantic ran an article looking at what the internet is doing to our brains. The author wrote that he’d noticed that reading articles on-line was apparently affecting the way we take in information and was having … Continue reading

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Google progresses its mission to digitise libraries and make them searchable

A Happy New Year to you. Here’s to 2015, may the search continue! Oooh, that sounds a bit Star Wars-like, but there we are. As a friend once quoted Yoda to me: “do or do not, there is no try”, … Continue reading

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Scanning the horizon for all the books

It’s being widely reported in the media that Google has finally been given the green legal light to scan the world of books until it reaches the far horizon. It’s a lovely thought, and could be quite disruptive – a … Continue reading

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Landscape and literature: another lovely exhibition from the British Library

Here’s a gorgeous mini-viewing on the BBC website of the sort of thing you will see if you visit the British Library’s latest exhibition: Writing Britain: Wastelands to Wonderlands. It’s a lovely (4 minute 52) slide show with commentary and … Continue reading

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Everyone likes a mystery at Christmas time and here’s a rare one

Someone unknown, but extremely talented, has been leaving paper sculptures around Edinburgh libraries since March this year.  The depositing of these exquisite works of art has now come to an end, as the creator said that she was only producing … Continue reading

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