Searching for Christmas peace and joy

The set up of my life has changed significantly – disruptively – over the past few years and hasn’t finished doing so yet. This means that this blog may not continue or may change its focus to follow my different life’s path…once I’ve found it.

At present I feel as if I’m in transit, on a path with many twists and turns, so I can’t see very far ahead. Lots of searching to do, but not the sort that involves sitting at a computer hour after hour. I think those corporate searching days are probably over.

But my life, to catch a quote “doesn’t amount to a hill of beans” when compared to our Earth. We have strange people in charge of major countries. The climate and our planet are changing drastically, and not in a way that benefits human life. The planet will react as it needs to react, it’ll carry on through the centuries. It may eventually wipe us out, I’m just sorry that so many people have to suffer so deeply on the way. I’m sad that we take so many other creatures with us – it wasn’t their fault. Who knew humanity could trash the entire ocean system with garbage? What a ghastly achievement! We were given a whole beautiful planet to live on with all the resources we could ever need, but greed, driven by rampant consumerism and excess have borne down through the generations until we’re in danger of breaking the whole thing. I know I’ve played my part in this, it’s impossible to be exempt from blame.

Humanity is like a child on Christmas morning who, with impatient, eager little fingers unwraps the toy most wanted of all, but then plays with it so hard, pokes and prods and pushes it to the limits, exploits it until it breaks, when it could have lasted for years and years with care.

How to cope with all this? How can I laugh and smile, feel relaxed and happy with my family and friends this Christmas with all this in the background? I’m trying to live more sustainably: be less consuming, buy clothes from charity shops (if at all), cycle or walk as much as possible instead of taking the car, switch off lights, be careful with water, no pesticides when gardening, less weeding (not preening) to encourage insects and wild flowers…the list of changes seems be endless, but still…believe me, there’s no self-righteous joy from changing my ways and I won’t judge others for the way they feel they need to live.

I still can’t help worrying that nothing I do is enough, we won’t reverse the damage. It’s just not happening. However, I’m not alone. There’s a whole section of the human race that hasn’t given up trying to counteract the damage, reduce the impact, mend the wounds. Some are individuals in mainstream, headline ways that we read about daily, while others work behind the scenes.

So, if – like me – you feel worried and stressed too, remember this – that you’re not alone. Try not to go around feeling panicky and miserable. It won’t help. Do what you can and keep your sense of humour. Have a listen to Monty Python’s “I’m so worried” song updated with a new video. It was originally written in 1980, but could have been written yesterday and I love the idea of Terry Jones being “something of a prophet”.

I hope you find peace, joy and fellowship this Christmas. In the year ahead, I hope we all find the will to carry on searching for truth and meaning in our lives without exploiting others or our precious planet.



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