The pleasure of writing: drilling into oil & gas information

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you will know that I’ve contributed articles and reviews to Jinfo (formerly Freepint) quite a number of times over the years.

Well, it’s a pleasure to be doing so once again. This time I’ve been exploring key information sources for the oil & gas industry, while avoiding making the numerous puns that come to mind (I see that some have managed to creep into this article, unfortunately).

It’s always an interesting and useful exercise to write about specific sources and searching as so much of the day-to-day work can become automatic and held inside my head.

Having to write about something brings it into the foreground and, in my case, makes me think hard about (as well as clarify and refine) what I do and how I do it. It has the added benefit of being a refreshing check to make sure that I haven’t got stuck in a complacent rut with the same selection of sources and the same ways of searching (“mindful” searching?).

When you’ve been “programmed to search” for as long as I have, avoiding stagnation becomes quite important. For me, writing is quite hard work, but it’s also enjoyable.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason that blogging became so popular.

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