Happy to be writing for Jinfo (formerly FreePint) again

So much going on in the world of information and searching and so few posts written. My only excuse is that I’ve been very busy because there is so much going on in the…OK, you can guess the rest! It’s not a good excuse really though, is it?

One of the consequences of having one’s head down working is that the exploratory aspect which is vital for keeping up-to-date with what’s changed and what’s new can suffer. It’s a common complaint, so how to make sure it’s still catered for?

Well, writing is one way that gets me to think about something other than my to-do list. Among recent extra-curricular activities I’m delighted to be a contributor once more to the highly esteemed online journal and platform that is Jinfo (formerly FreePint). For those of you unfamiliar with this resource, it started life as an advice platform primarily for students whereby they could submit their information and search-related questions to the “FreePint bar” (hence the cheerily studenty name of FreePint). The idea was that their questions would be answered by practising professionals. It was popular from the word go, but began quite quickly to be a useful resource for us practising professionals too.

An excellent way of keeping up to speed with developments, over the years Jinfo has remained true to its mission of offering advice on searching and management skills, as well as providing product reviews of a very wide range of information-related resources, but is now directed more at the professional community.

If a subscription is out of reach, their free newsletter provides a handy overview of what’s being covered and gives useful tips and hints as well as acting as a useful alert on new information sources. Worth signing up to.

What else? CILIP (my professional association) I find their news very handy, Searchenginewatch has useful articles now and then, although is mostly geared towards search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. I also find that universities sometimes provide helpful information, one of my oldest friends being the Scout Report from the University of Wisconsin-Madison which has been going for ages and ages, but has remained simple in format and quick to scan (a round of applause goes to the Internet Scout Research Group – thanks so much folks!)

Please let me know if you have any favourites, as the above is bound to be just a small sample.

Happy September to you…ahhh, the gateway to autumn.


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