Public libraries are important – why?

Over recent years many famous authors have given their support to the public library sector as they try to help explain to the politicians and general public (especially those who rarely darken the doors of a public library) why we are in danger of losing a valuable, informative and social resource.

But it can still be hard – even for a corporate information professional like me, who instinctively feels that public libraries should be retained, funded and not watered down – to fully understand, appreciate, and therefore argue, as to why this should be.

A recent article in the Guardian makes that case far better than I ever could. It made me sit and up and think “yes, that’s why the demise of the public library really would be a huge loss to our society”. It was submitted anonymously, but clearly by a practising public librarian, and is the best contribution to the case for the continued existence of public libraries that I’ve read.


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