Let the bells ring out, spreading harmony

An appropriately festive article of especial interest to me (as a bell-ringer, or “campanologist” if you like long words), entitled Ding dong measurement on high, swung into my in-box from ScienceDaily over the weekend and inspired me to think about my favourite news sources of 2015.

As they may also be of interest to you, if you’re looking for some really good science-cum-techy sources, here are my top five:

CB Insights news for start-ups and investment news, plus “the blurb” at the end which offers a selection of news from around the web, often worth a read, which comes with a hilariously informal style which often makes me smile (thanks, Anand)

(e) Science News which is an all round science news site powered by fully automated artificial intelligence, that is, it hasn’t got a human editor. Well, that’s different and seems to work quite well!

Gizmag for its coverage range, it doesn’t miss much. The articles have a good level of detail too (and there’s regular bicycle-tech news if you’re keen on cycling)

MIT Technology Review for the latest in high tech developments and another newsletter offering an interesting collection of selected stories from around the web.

And last, but not least, the aforementioned ScienceDaily, an excellent source for science news including research which may not always appear in the more main-stream publications.

May you have a merry and peaceful Christmas full of friendly harmonics, be it ‘Prime’, ‘Hum’ ‘Partials’, ‘Nominal’, or the variants Tierce (minor third), Quint (perfect Fifth) or Octave Nominal .



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