An interview with the Google founders – worth a read

Disruptive Searcher’s in the middle of many things at the moment, but I’d like to pause for a brief moment from the frenetic world of work to slurp tea and highlight this article from The Guardian: Google’s founders on the future of health, transport – and robots

It’s an entertaining read, as well as very interesting for the following:

– Google admits to a fear of the intense regulatory environment surrounding healthcare technologies, although they recognise healthcare as a huge opportunity;

– their policy of spreading the net (excuse pun) wide in the belief that at least some of their investments will prove to be winners.

– there’s also still a lot of work to be done in search and intelligent information delivery.

– they are clearly having fun with robotics (as are so many tech. firms these days)

– and finally, they’re working hard on AI (artificial intelligence), and although it’s been talked about for years and years, Google’s founders believe that one day, one day there’ll be a machine that can learn and think for itself.

Right, back to it.

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