Welcome revisions to copyright law

Wow, it’s taken a while, but some helpful and long-called-for changes to copyright law have been made.

It’s not really seen as an exciting topic of conversation (try introducing it at a party some time: “nice background music, good quality from their new digital music system”, “yes, that’s all very well, but I fear that this music has been illegally copied from their CD collection!” Unsurprisingly, copyright law has long been viewed as unhelpfully obstructive and lagging way behind the advances in digital technology. It’s now caught up a little.

A recent article in Wired magazine gives a useful run-down of the major changes. Most of the helpful revisions, understandably, tend to apply to personal use and non-commercial use, but are a step in the right direction.

It all makes life a little easier. Soooo, who dares try this as their next party conversation topic? Small talk’s never been my forte, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Have a happy Easter.

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