Informing people mindfully

Mindful living seems to be a bit of trend these days, even to the extent that 2014 has been branded the year of living mindfully in some quarters. Neatly defined in the Huffington Post article as “the cultivation of a focused awareness on the present moment”, it sounds quite pleasant.

But what does this have to do with disruptive searching? Possibly quite a lot and it should go beyond just the process of searching. I’d describe it as being aware of the way we search, how we think about what we’re looking for, how we evaluate what we find, the audience the information is intended for and  – leading naturally on from that – how we then present the information that’s been found.

All the above, to me, is general good practice, but it’s also important for me to re-calibrate my methods now and then and stand back from the never-ending onslaught of data. Ellen Langer, interviewed in March’s Harvard Business Review, was asked how we can deal with the chaos of this constant stream of new data and analysis. Her response resonated with me:

“People say there is too much information, and I would say that there’s no more information now than there was before. The difference is that people believe they have to know it – that the more information they have, the better the product is going to be and the more money the company is going to make. I don’t think it depends as much on the amount of information someone has as on the way it’s taken in. And that needs to be mindfully”.

Perhaps I should re-name my blog “The Mindfully Disruptive Searcher”.


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