Yippee, it’s the company results conference season!

Many companies report their results at this time of year and one way that the public companies do this is through conferences. Two such examples are the annual CAGNY event – Consumer Analyst Group of New York and the Citi Global Healthcare Conference.

OK, but why get so excited?

Because they are a great source for company intelligence. These events are where I go mining for interesting nuggets of company information. They are also in the public domain so you can listen to these presentations or read the transcripts. Perhaps “read” is the wrong word – they are lengthy – try various keyword searches instead.

At these conferences you find the top-tier food, beverage, tobacco, medical and household/personal products companies all presenting their annual results and talking about how the past year’s been for business and their future plans for growth. Not only that, but analysts attend and, once the main presentation has been given by the executives, the floor is open for questions…and analysts just love to ask questions.

So there’s the February search-tip: use these events to gain valuable insight which will take you one step further than the more structured content found within the company website, 10K or shiny annual report.

You see, that’s worth getting excited about, isn’t it?

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One Response to Yippee, it’s the company results conference season!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve since been asked how to access the transcripts of these conferences as they are often presented as audio files only on the company websites. You should be able to find most transcripts on financial sites such as Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq or Morningstar, usually taken from Seeking Alpha. You can register (for free) at Seeking Alpha itself, although this isn’t quite straightforward if you’re not investor-minded as you’ll be asked to follow a few companies. Plugging “company name earnings transcript” into a search engine should bring up most of these options.

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