Scanning the horizon for all the books

It’s being widely reported in the media that Google has finally been given the green legal light to scan the world of books until it reaches the far horizon.

It’s a lovely thought, and could be quite disruptive – a massive virtual library for us all to tap into. Already a well-used service, Google’s digitized book collection will, over time, become vast.

Of course, there’s the prevailing double-edged sword (an internet constant) which will be an issue here: breadth of coverage versus overload for the searcher.

Already living with the “invisible web” – meaning all the content that is not so easily found via the standard search engine – will we now gain the phrase the “invisible book”? It sounds like something out of Harry Potter, but seriously, assuming we won’t have the availability of the summoning charm “accio book!” it will take some savvy search platform, coupled with intelligent searching to sieve through all that verbiage.



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