Preview academic literature for free…if you’re quick!

Well, you have 5 minutes  in fact, so what are we waiting for?

Academic research seems to be today’s topic, and, in the last post, I mentioned evaluating relevance using the abstract or checking to see whether there was a free first page preview option.

This was because sometimes the abstract doesn’t tell you enough. Acknowledging this, the academic site, DeepDyve which hosts over “7,000 of the leading scholarly journals from Springer, Elsevier, Nature, IEEE, Wiley-Blackwell and more” has launched a new service which allows users to preview the full-text of any article for free for 5 minutes each day.  All the publishers have agreed to this rather helpful idea.

You need to register to access the site, but it’s a simple process and a useful research source to add to your collection. DeepDyve already offers a cheaper alternative to purchasing an article by offering “rental” which allows users access to papers for 30 days at $20 for a pack of 5 rentals. They also offer a Professional plan for $40 a month which among other options enables you to retain rentals for a year.

It’s really quite an enlightened service, although it doesn’t have an Advanced Search option which makes a complex search harder to run. In such a situation it’s worth trying to split the complex search into a number of simpler individual searches. That said, on the results page it has a useful column on the left-hand side which sub-divides your results by categories such as date, source, author and usefully, whether they are preview only, rentable or free.

Disruptive Searcher likes this.

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