Picking up speed on the slippery slope of social media

It’s fun to slide down a slippery slope if you have a sledge or toboggan to sit on (or  a tea-tray perhaps).

I’ve sledging further down into the world of social media by creating a Twitter account. I hear cries of “Ooh-err, isn’t she brave?  Borrrring. Been there, done that”.

OK, OK, fair enough. It’s nothing special, but perhaps Phil Bradley will approve of this step. When Twitter first emerged I made sure I understood what it was all about, but I wasn’t going to sign up just for the sake of it, so what’s finally persuaded me? The reason is simple: Twitter is great place for hearing about what’s going on…fast and continually. It had reached the point where I felt as if I was at risk of being slightly left behind, missing out on a useful channel of information.

I don’t like that feeling, especially in my chosen profession: the information world. So that was enough. It will be interesting to see if it really makes a difference to my work over the coming months. Will it be disruptive? I very much doubt it. I expect it will simply give me that pleasant feeling of reassurance that I’m less likely to miss something significant. Ah, the fear of missing something, of being told second-hand, of not being among the first to know. Of becoming the “also-ran”.

Don’t panic, I tell myself. The days of the “scoop” are long gone.  Although speed alone can still sometimes be quite crucial: for me, the quick notification of a product innovation or company acquisition can be very valuable, but there should be more to it than that. I reckon the real value lies with the person who provides good analysis and intelligent comment, not he who heard it first.



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