More on Big Data and a new career opportunity for the info. profession?

Continuing with the Big Data theme, I see that October’s Harvard Business Review is mostly dedicated to the topic and among the features is one entitled “data scientist: the sexiest job of the 21st century”.

“Wahey!”, says the info. nerd, hoping to sound enthusiastic “I feel some light reading coming on…and not just the above article, better wallow around in the other big data articles too”.

HBR’s blog articles, which offer comments and opinions on the journal content, are also worth keeping an eye on.  For example: there’s one called Why Data Will Never Replace Thinking. What a relief, that’s all right then.

Note to self (and hopefully of use to you too): Worth remembering that “Bigger” – and its close friend  “Faster” – doesn’t always result in “Better”.

Hmmm, “Data Scientist”. Sounds like a perfect new chapter heading for the hefty tome that could be called Career Opportunities for the Modern Information Professional.

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