Google’s Head of Search muses on the future

The BBC news interview with Amit Singhal, head of search at Google, is an interesting read.

Amit Singhal discusses a range of issues, including enabling computers to have an improved “understanding” of the search terms we enter, improving the serach engine’s ability to link terms together, as we do automatically all the time, for the correct context and relevance.  He’s therefore asked about the personalisation that Google has introduced and compares this with contextualising our searches – while also saying that we mustn’t lose the serendipity of search.

He talks about Google’s ambitions to create more “intelligent” searching with reference to the Knowledge Graph, launched back in May and what the future might bring, acknowledging the (already considerable) power of today’s smartphones.

One message is certainly clear: that developments such as the Knowledge Graph are just  small steps along the search journey that Google is undertaking.  What next, and what will other search engines do (apart from watch Google)?

Ah, I feel another literary reference coming on.  E.M. Forster’s “only connect” from Howard’s End comes to mind.


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