Another alternative you might like to try: the private search engine

Having discussed the vageries of Google, and mentioned a few alternative search engines, I’ll add another one to that list.  This one prides itself on being the world’s most private search engine.  Maybe that’s why I hadn’t come across it before!

It’s called Ixquick and started out in 2006 so it’s been around for a while.  Properly, it is a meta-search engine as it searches across “many popular search engines simultaneously and anonymously”.  Using this, it also has quite an interesting relevance ranking system.  Ixquick describes it like this:

“An Ixquick result is awarded one star for every search engine that chooses it as one of the ten best results for your search. So a five star result means that five search engines agreed on the result”.

Another feature that I find interesting is the Advanced Search.   For those of you who like to be able carry out more refined or complex searches, and have been disappointed by Google’s removal of some of its command options, Ixquick supports quite a variety of “power search” options and, most helpfully, even offers a search tips box listing them all.  I haven’t tried this out in earnest yet, but I’m quite looking forward to doing so.

What do you think of Ixquick?

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One Response to Another alternative you might like to try: the private search engine

  1. David Kerry says:

    For some years, Ixquick has been my first choice general search engine.

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