Light on your wallet, HighBeam – the subscription news site – relaunches

HighBeam Research has been around for some years now.  It stood as the simple-to-use and cheap alternative to the heavy-weight news aggregators such as Factiva and Nexis, useful for those who have very little budget but wanted access to some premium news sources.  It’s never  pretended to have all the functionality, or source breadth of the big boys, but is a useful add-on to free news searching.

Earlier this month it relaunched and has addressed some of the functionality that was lacking.  As a subscriber, you can set up alerts, access an advanced search interface, email, print, and cite full-text articles. You can also move, copy, delete, and save articles and searches into your own custom folders.  A blog covers search tips and changes to the product.  As a free perk HighBeam is also currently offering some of its lengthier articles for free.

Highbeam is still very cost-effective, coming in at under $300 a year ($200 for a first, introductory year), and offers a 7-day free trial.  It’s worth considering if you’re looking for a user-friendly and cost-effective news database that will give you access to some of those premium titles.  The bigger players would do well to take notice of this relaunch and keep an eye on HighBeam.  They might get some useful ideas!

HighBeam’s put on weight – enough to justify comparison with the news offerings from Factiva and Nexis, but will it prove disruptive to them and steal custom?

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