From retro-search to future-search

The founder of the search site, Recorded Future (which I’ve mentioned before) has recently been talking about The Future of Search in a 6 minute video.  Apart from booking travel, or looking at the weather forecast, most of what we look for has already happened (albeit sometimes only just) – what research is out there?  What’s the latest news on a company?

Searching may be quite effective now, but in the future, searching may be better able to include what hasn’t yet happened, and what’s happening right now.   This is Recorded Future’s interest – they focus on the temporal aspects of search and would love to be able to tell you more about what’s going to happen tomorrow.  They think that this will be a growing trend in search-to-come.

Sentiment, event, temporal, or prediction engines – these are the sort of themes that may be on the horizon.  Could be disruptive!

So will “oh, that’s so yesterday” become “oh, that’s so, um, earlier today”?

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