Nature Comms scientific papers – 50% free!

Oh dear, this just goes to show that a person who’s never successfully kept a diary in her life shouldn’t really start a blog.  It’s not that there’s a shortage of posts to write – not at all, I have a bunch of interesting sites in the wings.

How about a quick advert for Nature Communications for starters?  This site, launched in 2010 now offers over 400 papers, half of which – I’m pleased to see – are “open access” which means free to read.

Nature Comms is truly multidisciplinary in scope – covering research from across the life, physical, chemical and earth sciences – and nicely searchable.

Some people do diaries, some don’t.  I fall into the latter group.  However, I like a challenge.  Let’s see if I can get a personal best for number of (useful and informative, of course) posts in 1 month!

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