Need to borrow a good idea for a child’s present?

How about getting them playing libraries? The Little Librarian kit might be the present-with-a-difference that you’re looking for.

I’ve no affiliation with this company, so please don’t think I’m trying to advertise their kit, although it looks very good fun and, as they say, all you need to add are some books.  I’ve played libraries with my child, but we didn’t buy a ready-made kit.  If  you’d rather not invest in this particular kit, but like the concept, you can create your own.

Apart from having some books, the two other vital requirements are some book labels which are easy to make (to stick inside the books – OK, you don’t have to stick them in) and a date stamp.  The rest is probably optional.  The stamp is crucial as it seems to be the best bit (lots of types available in stationery shops).  There’s something really satisfying about stamping the due date into your borrower’s books.

One word of caution though: children can be quite severe with over-due book fines!

Merry Christmas!

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