Bloggers beware of the copyright trolls

It sounds like something out of an updated version of the Three Billygoats Gruff, but unfortunately it’s not.  Copyright trolls have been in existence for some time, but it seems that one troll has thought of a new way to worry the billygoat bloggers crossing the bridge – by claiming that they are crossing a copyright bridge.

Electronic Frontier Foundation’s article explains what’s been going on and links to further reporting on this in Wired magazine.

This is proving to be unpleasantly disruptive – and costly – for many in the blogging community.

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One Response to Bloggers beware of the copyright trolls

  1. Kevin Futers says:

    Interesting stuff! Thankfully I don’t tend to use newsfeed for my blog.

    It’s interesting how trolls have started multiplying and new species evolving since the creation of the internet, just when I thought they were dying off for want of attention. Are they the same species as the trolls of old or are they something wholly new?

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