Very GeoScenic

Of course I’ll always recommend visiting the snowflake site at this time of year.  If you’re stuck for what to give someone, I can’t recommend enough a book of snowflakes from this site.  I was lucky enough to receive The Art of the Snowflake last Christmas.  It’s simply exquisite and very informative.

Anyway, this year I thought that the British Geological Survey’s OpenGeoscience site should also have a mention.  It’s getting a fair bit of publicity at the moment as they’ve just opened up a lot of images which can be used non-commercially.  You need to register, but it’s worth it.  Forget Bing’s daily picture for  a while, there’s a huge collection available for viewing here.

Ah, amazing world.  The world will be ok though, it’s humanity (along with a lot of wildlife) that’s at risk.  Hmmm, there we go, busy shooting ourselves in the feet.

Please visit these sites, pause, and reflect on your lifestyle, I’ll reflect on mine.  In so many ways, we’ve grown remote from the natural world, and I’d rather that the winters don’t get so mild in England that those wonderful snowflakes cease to visit the garden.

Season’s greetings.

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