Up and coming: 2 new search engines

The first one, Wolfram Alpha due to launch later this month, is getting a fair amount of publicity at present on various sites including the BBC.  It wants to answer your questions, but instead of presenting a results list of sites where your question should be answered as with AskJeeves (yes, the “Jeeves” bit is coming back, hurrah!  Why is that so pleasing?), Wolfram aims to present the actual answers to your questions.

This is nicely demonstrated by CNET news which has taken a preview tour and tried Wolfram out on some questions so you can see it in action at Screenshots: a tour of Wolfram Alpha

The second brand new search engine that’s appeared on the horizon is Oparla.  This one differentiates itself by allowing users to register and then rate the sites they visit for their usefulness.  If you do this you also qualify to enter a cash-prize draw – yes, really and you can try this today!

Oparla says it will be exploring other ways of “rewarding” its users in the future, as advertising revenues increase.  And how does it intend to raise advertising revenues?  The plan is to charge advertisers a set monthly fee, rather than use the more established pay-per-click method favoured by the likes of Google.

Paying your users?  How interesting…and shurely somewhat disruptive!

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2 Responses to Up and coming: 2 new search engines

  1. HolisticDetective says:

    Alpha looks very interesting, can’t wait to try it out. One thought that crossed the vast empty spaces between my ears was how long would it take Alpha to be a citable info source. For instance, lets say you ask for the the GDP of a country – would you feel confident about quoting this in your report or would you check it out from another source? Will lbe interesting to see if you can dig any market data out with it.

  2. wellcraftedtoo says:

    I have just posted on a couple new search sites I recently read about–Viewzi, ChaCha, Powerset, and Mahalo. Always looking for new, and better ways to search the web. You might find my post interesting.

    Thanks for the info–I will check out the two you have noted.

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