Free science search engines

OK, while we’re on the subject, my favourites are:
Science Research and Scirus – 2 useful free scientific info. searching sites. Scirus provides a more complex level of search – and categorizes your results, whereas Science Research provides a more basic search option.  All have quite good coverage, but Scirus has the best search interface.
Optics InfoBase: a web-based, searchable repository of optics research from the Optical Society of America (OSA). Search for free.
Another excellent free source for finding if an article has been cited by other articles is Dialog’s OpenAccess Cited References Search which searches across the Science Citation Index (SciSearch®), Arts & Humanities Search® and Social SciSearch®.  You have to pay to see the full citation though.
And finally, not an academic research site, but a rather good science news site: E! Science news.  This is a free news site concentrating on science news. It indexes news from science news sites, clusters similar articles together based on the frequency of word co-occurrence, and assigns articles to topic groups. It then ranks them using factors such as timeliness, and the number of sites reporting the same news, to indicate a story’s importance.
I think that’s enough to get you started!

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